Sunday, May 15, 2011

Clockwork Angel

"Compulsively readable . . . Packed with battles, romantic entanglements, and tantalizing foreshadowing, this will have readers clamoring for the next installment."

Oh my good god!!! This was an absolute fantastic read ... I cannot say how much I have fell in loved with this author and Clockwork Angel. Where could I even begin ... Jem (James)? Will (William)? God lord these two could make the entire book by themselves! I wont spoil anything for any other readers that want to read this book, but may I say this is an absolute MUST read for the 2011 summer. The storyline draws you in instantly and continues to do so with the rollcoster of emotions that run throughout the book. The characters are developed so intensely with their own stories and secrets you're dying to uncover the truth you just have to keep reading. Between Charlotte the young but powerful head of the "Institute", her genius husband Henry and his wild inventions, or the beautiful (but selfish) Jessamine the story delivers on action, adventure, secrets and love. The tension that rises between Tessa and Jem and of course Tessa and Will drive you absolutely mad! Who will it be? Jem or William? 

James who is the gentlemen between the two, has mysterious silver hair and eyes and a strange way of drawing you in when he speaks or even looks in your general direction, he draws you in like a moth to a flame. Although William, secretive but devilishly handsome has drop dead gorgeous blue eyes that change ever so slightly with his wild emotions. He is the bad boy this book needs, and the partner in crime to Jem's gentle side. 

If all of that doesn't draw you in then the absolute fabulous Steampunk theme that runs through the book will. I absolutely adore the Victorian Era and this book brings all that and more !! The colourful language, the luxurious dresses, the romance, and of course the advanced technology just illuminates all the brilliance of this novel.

For a first time reader of this author I must say that Cassandra Clare you have drawn me in and hooked me, you have a life time fan !

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