Contact Me.

From experience I have found that having a "Contact Me" page does help with certain questions better left to the privacy of an email, or private message. Therefore recently I have decided that I will post my email on here for any questions or concerns my followers may have. Also, you may use the email to contact about anything else, but please I advise do not "spam" my inbox for I use the email for other things as well.

Also, you my find that I have just recently added a "Like" button on the right hand side bar for Facebook, and soon will be adding a twitter one as well. By all means please do like the blogs page on Facebook. I am hoping in the future to be posting contest and updates on all area's of social networking. 

Publishers or Authors - If you have stumbled across my little blog and have found an interest please feel free to email me as well, or "Like" the blogs page on Facebook, or "follow" on Twitter. 

I would love to hear from each and every one of you by giving you the means to do so!

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