About the Obsessor.

Well I thought I would write a little page about myself to inform new followers about who I am and what makes me tick. I am a 22 year old, blonde haired, blue eyed, freckled girl with a whole lot of personality, attitude and day dreamer tendencies that make me absolutely unique!

I currently reside in a small town in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada. It's a smallish town (from my aspect) and is historically known for many things such as the Saint Lawrence Canal that runs through it. I am a loud, chatty and excited/happy individual who usually says what ever is on my mind without thinking twice. Usually that can be seen as a bad thing but mostly puts me into interesting situations and most of the time ends up being highly embarrassing although later my friends and I can always laugh about it.

I am currently studying Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Brock University and I am in my 5th year there. I absolutely adore history and everything about the past. I think that is why I am drawn towards Dystopian and Steampunk novels. I have always been a huge romantic and sort of a nerd when it came to books; I love fantasy, magic and the fact that authors have this unique way of whisking their readers off to another world entirely. My day dreamer tendencies always get the better of me when I am reading a really good book where I can just close my eyes and picture myself in one of the worlds my favourite authors create. I have very eclectic taste in music, and art, and love spending time in museums (which is perfect because I'd eventually love to work as a curator).

A couple main things that anyone who walks in my house will automatically see laid out on my personal shelf:


Alright so above, we have my 4 favourite books of 2011 so far; and to the right hand side we have THE most comfy chair that I do all of my reading in, and usually where my long haired cat loves to sleep when I am not occupying it. Back to the above photo we also have a painting I got when I was in my favourite place traveling in Europe for a grade 10 trip, Paris. Also, a picture frame that two of my best friends also have that I got them while my family and I got in Disney, I have Ariel, one of them has Cinderella, and the other has Bell. The candle isn't that important though it is pretty as a book end (ha ha). And last but not least the sun glasses. I absolutely adore the sun, it has a euphoric sensation when I just lay outside reading all day. All these things can tell you something little about me I love to read, travel, and am still a little kid at heart.

And finally, my adopted family, the ones I can always count on, my girlfriends. These four wonderful ladies are amazing, they bring a unique piece of fun, friendship and fabulousness to our gang. I couldn't live without them :)