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Review: "Obsidian" by Jennifer L. Armentrout

"Starting over sucks."
"When we moved to West Virginia right before my senior year, I'd pretty much resigned myself to thick accents, dodgy internet access, and a whole lot of boring.... until I spotted my hot neighbor, with his looming height and eerie green eyes. Things were looking up."
"And then he opened his mouth

For those of you who haven’t had the chance to pick up “Obsidian” by Jennifer L. Armentrout I suggest you stop whatever you are doing currently, grab your wallet and head to the nearest book store RIGHT NOW! “Obsidian” shocked the socks off of me; it was a fast paced, thrilling read that I wasn’t prepared for at all, and unfortunately when it ended I was sitting there thinking “no that just can’t be it … there has to be more! Why on earth would she end it with so much hanging!!” So many great things to discuss about this book that makes it spectacular and I think the characters (for me at least) are the best part about "Obsidian" - their chemistry is undeniable, although they try so hard to hate one another (I just ate it up!). The ending as well adds to the irresistibility of this book; you realize it’s coming to an end, you’re prepared for it but when and how it ends isn’t what you expected at all! Knowing there is more (so much more) to be learnt about all these characters and knowing the battle has just begun, it throws you for a loop and you cannot help yourself but to mentally record when “Onyx” will be out in stores (*cough* August 14, 2012 *cough*) so you’re the first to get it!

It was truly hard to think about what really drew me into this book, but I think you’ll all be pleasantly surprised (as I was) and ready to gobble “Obsidian” up instantly after you read about the characters, the ending and of course Daemon! (insert an eyebrow waggle or two ladies - he is delicious)

A Book About A Blogger: I think one of the main and most important things to make clear is that the main female protagonist (Katy) is infact one of us! She is a book blogger! It is mentioned that she participates in “In My Mailbox” postings, and “Waiting on Wednesdays” and also on a couple of occasions, gets just as excited over books in the mail or the library like we would. She is infact a character I think every book blogger will be able to relate too at some point throughout the book. Although that isn't the only thing you need to know about Katy; she is a strong, stubborn and independent young girl whose father was abruptly taken from her causing her mother and her to move halfway to nowhere. Now stuck in a small one road town she discovers that she is not the only one in dire need of friends, quickly befriending the beautiful yet mysterious girl next door Dee and grudgingly her over protective brother Daemon.

I love everything about this character, she is stubborn, she is smart, loves to read, and literally does outrageous things to annoy and pester Daemon to no end! Their chemistry is undeniable and they work so hard not to be attracted to one another, but you can’t help but smile when Katy comes back with a quick snarky remark, or Daemon becomes uncharacteristically nice to her. She is probably one of my favourite female protagonists, quickly accepting the fact she lives next doors to aliens and although most if not all humans would run screaming for the hills she accepts this and doesn't let it affect her friendship with Dee. Everything Katy learns in this book will (in my opinion) turn her into a better if not more sarcastic but stronger lead character in the books to come in the Lux series.

What An Ending: You would never expect a book obsessor like myself, to be gushing about an ending to a book like I am about too, but “Obsidian” had turned its reading experience for me at least upside down. I can’t really divulge what it was that really threw me at the end unless I spoil it for everyone but knowing the two characters Daemon and Katy you’ll no less expect what could happen. They both know they are attracted to one another, they both have had moments and yet cockyness and stubbornness both hold you to the very last word in Obsidian. Its not a happily ever after sort of ending, its funny, and perfect for these two and the entire series, leaving just enough to want to pull your hair out but just enough to say “that was perfect!”. I expect no less in “Onyx” either from the way everything was left in “Obsidian”, the ending left just enough to have a really great start in Chapter 1, with still the attitude, stubbornness, and unusual romances.

Daemon Black: Enough said. His name clearly enough to send fans of YA Hotties all over the world reeling into comas of how deliciously addictive he is. When first described to me by Brenna @ Esther’s Ever After, one of the main selling point was in fact Daemon. And boy he doesn’t disappoint! Introduced to us unexpectedly shirtless, and answering the door, poor Katy is taken by surprise and basically gawks at him. We get our first of many glimpses at the cocky, “too cool” attitude that Daemon possess and doesn’t mind reminding Katy of every chance he gets. At first I knew I would be attracted to this character, everything about him screams bad boy (we all know how I love a bad boy) but as we get further into the book nothing changed about his attitude. He wasn’t becoming nicer, or romantic or anything and I for sure thought that he would have from my vast experience with these types of characters; he remained forever an “ass”. That being said though I don’t think the story would have been as thrilling or addicting if he wasn’t, one of the main reasons I kept reading was to see how Daemon and Katy would interact next with one another. He had is sweet romantic moments which made me swoon that much more for him, but Armentrout really made us work for those rare occurrences. Also what made him dream worthy as well was his strong and protective relationship with his sister, and his loyalty to his family. Yes he is a drop dead gorgeous character physically, but his personality and characteristics is really what makes him that swoon worthy, delicious character we all will eventually love (after the sarcasm, cocky, and overall bad boy attitude has passed). Daemon and Katy turned out to be the most unlikely pair of people to end up with one another, but as protagonists their chemistry is immaculate (they’ll have to work on their romance though, he he!).

“Obsidian” has captured me with its characters, its storyline and even its ending! It isn’t missing one aspect nor should anything be added to it. Although a little slow at parts, everything else made it an easy, thrilling addicting read. Danger lurked on every page, and the antagonists were bad-ass! Literally darkness is what they were thriving in the night, and wanting nothing more than to kill the Luxen's for their light. I can't help but gush about the bad guys in this book - seriously a must read if you haven't already! Five out of five (5/5) stars to a spectacular first novel in an unforgettable series.

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  1. Great review, Jackie! Makes me want to pick it up even more now! :D Hehe.

    I love discovering books that have sequels coming out soon...that way the wait isn't too long! :P