Wednesday, June 8, 2011

City of Bones

"The Mortal Instruments series is a story world I love to live in. Beautiful"
Stephanie Meyer, 

There was something very intense about this book when I had first seen it sitting at Chapters. The cover art had drawn me in and the description of the story was short but very descriptive and intriguing. I had first read the prelude to this series called "Clockwork Angel" also by Cassandra Clare, and had a pretty good understanding of the basics of Shadowhunters and the institute and the clave. Although when I first dove into this book it was nothing like I thought it would be. The intricate details of Jace, Alex, and Isabelle in the club; of how Clary felt when she first saw them and Simon could not. Unfortunately I judged this book before I had read it and was shocked to read it so quickly, I could not put it down !! Cassandra Clare has created a beautiful world in Victorian England (Clockwork Angel) and in modern day New York City. The idea of Shadowhunters excites my imagination and makes me run free with it; City of Bones was not what I was expecting and it was absolutely lovely. 

Clary the sort of Heroin within the novel first encounters the Shadowhunters in a club at the beginning of the book. She knows she is different from her "mundane" friend Simon; and the reader right away can tell Simon has a huge crush on Clary. She is described as an ordinary girl, not very attractive with firey red hair and a very ordinary body as well. Although at first I thought she was a helpless individual it turns out that she is much more than that as the book progresses. Also, I was not very keen on Clary as a heroin, but she definitely started to grow on me, and after I had invested an almost entire sleepless night reading through City of Bones she was definitely the absolute perfect character for the story. 

Now onto one of the many hooks for City of Bones, the mysterious Jace. Blonde hair, blue eyed, slender build, dream boat basically is what we're imagining here girls. If you want basically a handsome, sexy yet arrogant boy Jace is definitely for you !! I won't reveal anything about Jace that is too spoiler-ish if you're debating on reading the book or not, but as a Shadowhunter he is the closest thing to an angel I've read so far in this series of books. The first introduction of him is in the club with his adopted brother and sister Isabelle and Alec Lightwood (both entirely dangerous and of course irresistibly attractive as well). He meets Clary in a very peculiar way, see she isn't suppose to be able to see them but she can, he is very sarcastic and arrogant to her but you can definitely tell he is slightly impressed on how she can see him, and also he is definitely attracted ... There was a definite spark ;P 

As a first book in a series about so far 4 (I believe) it is an excellent beginning. It has everything a first book needs to hook the reader; you have fabulous characters, great descriptions of each one of them so you can really invest in characters, you have action, mystery and one hell of a cliffhanger for an ending and of course what every good Y.A. novel needs a love connection like no other! (SERIOUSLY! Like no other! Very intense, I am loving it!) The story was quick paced, and Clare did not have to reveal a whole lot to the reader right away, she left just enough out of the story to make sure the readers came back for seconds AND thirds. 

What really impressed me about this book was the depth of each characters, how they all connected, their past and present lives, and how they pull the story together, on a more personal note for the reader. I also liked the portrayal of Werewolves and Vampires, and how they are illustrated very differently from the savages most myths set them out to be, and how most of the characters (besides Luke) are young adults, so it definitely gives for some major drama, but entertaining nevertheless. 

I give this book a fabulous 5 stars, cause it is exactly what it deserves. A must read for fantasy, Y.A. enthusiasts !!

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