Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back in Business.

So I have just recently realized that I have not posted a single review or meme or anything for over a month now. My computer was on the fritz and work was maddeningly busy but I am back in business! New layout and color scheme and even a new computer! lol.

I have also recently started a personal blog on "" called "Fairy Tale Ending". It is more of a picturesque type of blog, random photo's I find that pertain to my life in some way, or little quips about my day; just a casual blog.

I also have a new member to my little family, her name is Aurora (left hand side, lol). She is my 3 month old husky puppy, and boy has she been keeping my hands full as well. So, I do apologize to any of my followers who was curious as to where I was. Just been a bit busy is all. But I have not stopped reading, and boy has my TBR list grown substantially.

I am excited to start posting again! Stay tuned!


  1. Thanks :) It took me forever to do it but I am very pleased with the end result, lol.