Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Breaking Dawn - Full Length Trailer

Brought to us by the Book Nympho, here is the full length trailer for Breaking Dawn Part 1. Now I don't know about anyone else but I have been following this series since the beginning when it wasn't even popular, I think I was in grade 8 or 9, lol. (Wow, now that is bringing me back, lol). And finally after much anticipation and wait, the final book (part 1) is here! ENJOY! :)


  1. Okay, I admit I was torn up a little by seeing Bella so deathly ill. Looking forward to seeing the honeymoon scenes...

  2. hahah, I know they look great don't they ;P

  3. Well, I think I want to watch this one! I haven't really watched any of the others really except for the first one! I LOVE THAT EDWARD GOT A HAIRCUT! THIS IS A MUST-SEE!