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Divergent Club: Desirable Divergent Beaus

In loo of "Insurgent" by Veronica Roth publication this week on May 1, 2012 a couple blogger friends and I have decided to put together a couple postings about or excitement over Divergent and express our upcoming love for this series! I decided to do a post on (3) main hotties from Divergent, including a photo of who I thought the actor should be to play them, and of course their stats & a brief description! I hope these boys make you swoon, and weak in the knees like they did for me throughout the book! I cannot wait to see what Veronica Roth has in store for us in "Insurgent" (in stores now!)

Dauntless through and through, Four is one of our 3 delicious book boyfriends of Divergent. Deep-set dark blue eyes, lean and tame looking Four is one of the deadliest, and yet attractive boys in the Divergent series. Four is introduced to us when Beatrice/Tris is the first to jump down the dauntless entrance as an initiate. Noticeably the first thing we are introduced too about “Four” is his lips - spare upper lip and full lower lip (irresistible and kissable); and of course his deep set, dark blue eyes, and luscious eyelashes. As one of the first boys to be seen as a love interest in Divergent, Four made us (me especially) swoon at first read. Although he makes us weak in the knees he can be cruel and almost “tyrant” like as Tris had described him in Divergent when in training. He is known to be one of the top trainers although he differs when it comes to training techniques and morals in the Dauntless Faction compared to that of his rival Eric, a dauntless leader. Among the top dauntless initiates to be accepted as dauntless he is very quick and smart when it comes to computers. Noticeably, he has a lean build not appearing to be as blatantly “dauntless” as some in his dress and demeanor, he almost has a tame look to him but is still extremely deadly when holding a gun, knives or hand-to-hand combat. Decorated with many tattoos running along his spine, he is a mysterious and dark individual with a sweet, gentle side that not many see. With a slightly arrogant and ferocious side, Four is by far one of my favourite bad boys of the Dauntless faction. My actor of choice to play him in a movie would be none other than, Matt Dallas.

  • ·      Dark Blue Eyes
  • ·      Long Eyelashes
  • ·      Spare upper lip, and full lower lip (kissable)
  • ·      Tame looking; lean tight build; Intimidating demeanor
  • ·      Hidden Tattoos
  • ·      Talent with Computers
  • ·      First place overall his initiation
  • ·      Divergent
  • ·      Faction Change: Abnegation – Dauntless

Eric:  Described as being a ruthless, cunning, and “scary” individual Eric is our second boyfriend of the “Divergent” world. Although not portrayed as anyone’s love interest and more of an antagonist of Tris’ and all initiates, he still has his strong points as being an attractive book boyfriend. A one of a kind bad boy through and through, Eric is on the verge of being labeled dangerous within his Faction, which is exactly what they expect from the youngest leader ever. Pushing and breaking initiates seems to be a joy of his and seeing how far he can push their limits in training and within the Dauntless compound is “fun” to him. Eric embodies everything the “new” dauntless is suppose to be – ruthless and feared. He despises Four for having old Dauntless ways set as his guidelines and antagonizes him more than anyone. Not described as being a “hottie” or attractive Eric does have long dark hair, and a couple of facial piercings, which in my mind only intrigues me more about him. Within “Divergent” we only see Eric as a bad boy leader, bent on bringing Fours demise, and seeing the fall of Abnegation. But, I think Eric has potential to be a steamy book boyfriend, he just needs to show everyone a little more peace and a lot less intense all the time. My actor of choice if I had to choose would be Samuel Larsen – extremely attractive even with long dark hair, and facial piercings!

  • ·      Cold Eyes
  • ·      Calculative & menacing
  • ·      Dark longer (greasy) hair
  • ·      Piercing’s cover the majority of his face
              • Eyebrow
              • Lip
  • ·      Power hungry
  • ·      Insecure
  • ·      Youngest Leader of Dauntless
  • ·      Second place overall his initiation
  • ·      Faction Change: Erudite to Dauntless
   Caleb Prior: A selfless and sweet hottie, Caleb Prior is our last delicious guy of “Divergent”. Who doesn’t love a sweet, selfless, honest guy with brains too boot! Caleb is sister too Beatrice/Tris, and a shocker to his family for choosing Erudite over Abnegation. Good at hiding his genius mind from his entire family, and bookworm tendency, Caleb is any sweet girls dream. Not a lot is given to us by Tris regarding her brother although if in any other faction Caleb would have been gawked at by the other girls. With dark hair, and green eye’s he is a definite cutie to be on the look out for in the future. The one thing that stood out for me about Caleb was his pure instinct to be the utmost selfless individual, but still have something that is all, his books. Also the fact that he is a total book nerd definitely makes us weak in the knees for a fellow book lover! If Caleb were to be played by any actor of my choosing I would choose, Lucas Till. Although not a dark haired individual, his gentle smile, and innocent look to him says it all.

  • ·       Dark hair
  • ·       Hooked nose
  • ·       Green Eyes
  • ·       Selfless
  • ·       Kind
  • ·       Book Smart
  • ·       Good at hiding his true self
  • ·       Faction Change: Abnegation to Erudite to Factionless

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  1. I definitely vote for Four..Hottie :D What a great post!! thanks for writing this up!


  2. OMG! OMG! Eric is so dreamy great choice swoon!

  3. Mark Dallas is cute :) And I don't want to count out the other 2 hotties but Mark is just perfect.

    Great picks.


  4. I love seeing how people view charactrers! Your picks are SPOT ON!!

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  5. WOW!! Mark is HAWT HAWT HAWT!! Nice cast!

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  6. I was scrolling down the page and I thought that you had Samuel Larsen for Caleb, lol. I can see him as Eric, though!