Saturday, July 16, 2011

On My Wishlist (7)

On My Wishlist is a fun weekly event hosted by Book Chick City and runs every Saturday. It's where I list all the books I desperately want but haven't actually bought yet. They can be old, new or forthcoming.

I do enjoy modern fairy tales as most of my followers know, and a couple of the books I have this week on "On My Wishlist" involves some of the oldest Fairy Tales I know of. The first is a new find, about the tale of Tristan and Isolde, a German love story that would make any girls heart flutter with excitement.

"Tris & Izzie" 
by Mette Ivie Harrison

"A modern retelling of the German fairy tales "Tristan and Isolde", Tris and Izzie, is about a young witch named Izzie who is dating Mark King, the captain of the basketball team and thinks her life is going swimmingly well. Until -- she makes a love potion for her best friend Brangane and then ends up taking it herself accidentally, and falling in love with Tristan, the new guy at school."

The next books I am anticipating is quite shocking to myself, "Falling for Hamlet" obviously an adaptation of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" for Y.A. This is a shocking "want" for me because during High School, and a university course, I absolutely hated reading "Hamlet", but this novel sparks an interest in my imagination and therefore I must read, and purchase for my ever expanding book collection. 

"Falling for Hamlet"
by Michelle Ray

"Meet Ophelia: a blonde, beautiful high-school senior and long-time girlfriend of Prince Hamlet of Denmark. Her life is dominated not only by her boyfriend's fame and his overbearing family, but also by the paparazzi who hound them wherever they go. As the devastatingly handsome Hamlet spirals into madness after the mysterious death of his father, the King, Ophelia rides out his crazy roller coaster life, and lives to tell about it. In live television interviews, of course."

"Passion, romance, drama, humor, and tragedy intertwine in this compulsively readable debut novel, told by a strong-willed, modern-day Ophelia."

My final choice not because there are no more I want for this week, but because my new puppy (so adorable!!) wants to play and is starting to eat my hair as I sit here typing, lol. I believe I have posted this a couple times for other meme's but "Romeo & Juliet" is the love story of the ages, and my absolute favorite! "Juliet Immortal" is a Y.A. adaptation using the popular theme of angels.  We all know that when this is published I'll be the first to be reading it and ordering it.  :)

"Juliet Immortal"
by Stacey Jay

The most tragic love story in history . . . 

"Juliet Capulet didn't take her own life. She was murdered by the person she trusted most, her new husband, Romeo Montague, a sacrifice made to ensure his own immortality. But what Romeo didn't anticipate was that Juliet would be granted eternity, as well, and would become an agent for the Ambassadors of Light. For 700 years, she's fought Romeo for the souls of true lovers, struggling to preserve romantic love and the lives of the innocent. Until the day she meets someone she's forbidden to love, and Romeo, oh Romeo, will do everything in his power to destroy that love."


  1. Tris and Izzie are Read Now on Netgalley. You might wanna check it if you have ebook-reader.

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower, hehe.
    I must say, the three books you chose for your wishlist are great, I already had "Tris and Izzie" and "Juliet Immortal" added to mine but now I'm gonna have to add "Falling for Hamlet" too, thanks for sharing!

    BTW, I'm hosting two giveaways in my blog, just click HERE and feel free to enter :D