Friday, October 21, 2011

"Zoctornyia" by Beth Wright (An E-Book)

"My life has always been normal.  Well you know what i mean by normal; shopping, chatting on my cell, hanging out with family and friends, reading great books stuff like that. I am now an eighteen year old girl with a never ending supply of boredom. Nothing exciting or unusual has ever happened to me.  That is until now."

Vultars Heart, Body and Soul Mates, part 1 through 4 take place on an alien or alternate world. Elizabeth a normal human teenage girl is taken abruptly from her home one stormy night. She finds herself in Part 1of the story locked in a dungeon with Vultar, and his band of alien kin. Elizabeth already scared of her wits doesn’t know what to think or do, once she comes face to face with Vultar, his strong arms, built body, and golden eye’s all allure to her in a distinct way, something she has never felt or experienced before. His smile it does something to her every time she see’s it, and feels strength in his voice to get her out of this dungeon. Of course, after getting out of the dungeon she does realize this is definitely not Earth anymore; everything is intensified, the plants, animals even the creatures that live there are different – they of course can hear her every thought. Which with a teenager and her hormones is never a good scenario for anyone especially Elizabeth who cannot seem to control her “wants and needs”. The first part of the books helps explain all the terms, species, and the world Beth Wright has created for her characters. It is a beautifully developed story, with few to none syntax errors, that doesn’t hinder the story at all.

Part 2, 3 and 4 take place with the span of a few weeks it seems, and within that time Elizabeth now known as Setiana to her kin and the love of her life Vultar. Within this world she has already learnt so much from them all, how their ceremonies are different from back at home, weddings are different, public displays of affection are different, births are different, and of course Setiana has more than one “love of her life” (but we will get back to that soon enough). The second part takes place with the conception of Vultar’s and Setiana’s child, and also turbulence through the village about how a human is no fit for a grand leader such as Vultar. Before Setiana came into the pictures, Vultar’s culture deemed having many wives to be normal, of course until Vultar found the one he was destined to be with, which would be Elizabeth/Setiana. So to say there is some hardship among the other women would be an understatement.

Parts 3 and 4 which for me seemed to fly by while reading, describe the birth of Setiana’s four glorious sons, and the introduction of her other loves, which are all allied with Vultures village and are all different creatures. Some look like dark angels, others like serpent creatures, but all have those same glorious eyes and melting smile, which is exactly what draws Setiana to them in a romantic way. In Part 3, the story solely concentrates around Setiana’s children – they are unlike any other she has ever encountered. In a span of mere hours her boys grow into adults instantly. She is sad almost that it happened so quickly, and she felt like she had missed their entire life; nothing like a human babies life at all. Problems start to occur, Setiana’s emotions are heightened and she begins to feel utterly alone in a world unknown to her. Enter jealous ex-wife, she tries to attack and kill Setiana for “stealing” her Vultar from her.  Of course Setiana cannot defend herself from most if not any of these creatures and she hides herself from her awaiting the rescue of her sons and husband.

Finally within Part 4 her other husbands start to arrive. They are fantastical creatures, and throughout the entire arrangement of meeting them, each individual brings joy to Setiana’s heart, it is like she is finally completed. There is some training scenes that occur through the story, but mostly this part is about Setiana connecting and falling in love with each of her suitors. It is highly romantic and being a die-hard romance nut, I absolutely loved it! At times it was slightly confusing but with some editing this final part of the story will absolutely tug at your heartstrings.

Overall, this short story begins with a peculiar teenage girl stuck at home reading a romance novel, but as the night and weeks progress she becomes part of her own romance. The e-book is written in short parts 1 through 4 and by doing so helps divide up everything that happens in such a short period of time. I absolutely love the creativeness that surrounds this entire story. I have to admit I was never a huge fan of “alien-esk” storylines I always thought my imagination was never strong enough to create that sort of world, but with Wright’s writing style and unique perspective on her characters I absolutely adored this genre! I give the entire story as a whole 4 out of 5 stars, it is a must read for every fantasy romance fan, or anyone looking for a fast paced, Young Adult new upcoming author. Beth Wright delivers everything that the fantasy genre needs in a Y.A. novel, including a stellar cast of characters, a fantastical world full of wonder, desire and among all imagination. 

Beth Wright is an independent, new and upcoming author. 
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