Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tour Stop: "Redemption" by Susannah Sandlin

"Redemption" by Susannah Sandlin is a heart pumping, paranormal romance novel taking place in a post apocalytic world where Vampire's are starving and human blood is now their ultimate weakness; where being hungry is worse than death its self for a vampire. Aiden Murphy and his community of vampire's in Penton are the first to suffer from this outbreak but unseen Owen Aiden's brother is out to destroy this small community and Aiden in the process due to a century old grudge.

Doctor Harris finds herself in an unusual predicament when her blood has not meen treated and is the only fair game in town for vampires to feed on. Kidnapping. Death. Survival, and Love all play crucial parts in this upcoming PRN from Montlake Romance! Second book "Absolution" is to be out in October of 2012.

Below is a fantastic teaser for all you fans of the PNR genre, and also a wonderful giveaway! ENJOY!


"He’d pulled his dark hair into a short ponytail except for one wavy strand that had pulled loose and blew against his cheek. The streetlight cast enough illumination for her to see the dark lashes fringing blue eyes that reminded her not so much of summer skies or robin’s eggs but of the richness of an arctic sea flowing
over darker depths. They appeared to lighten as he studied her with an intensity that almost robbed her lungs of air. He had a strong jaw, full lips, and a slight cleft in his chin.
            If he was a serial killer, he was at least a pretty one.
            He cleared his throat. “Are you Dr. Harris?”
            Krys caught her breath. Good Lord, what was wrong with her? She’d been practically drooling through a half-open window as though he were Adonis personified. He could be Charles Manson’s separated-at-birth, unidentical twin.
            Except he knew her name."