Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Book Boyfriend (8): Alex Sheaths (Warren)

"Boys in books are just better. Right? lol" ... The meme, Book Boyfriend is brought to us by the fabulous author of "The Unread Reader" Missie. This meme is just for fun! Likeness represented are all fictional fantasies. This meme happens every Wednesday although it is open to "link up" from Wednesday to Wednesday. I'm earning my bragging rights for this weeks Boyfriend, how about you? ENJOY! 

Finally I can officially say I am back in my "Book Boyfriend Obsession" - after a hard break up I couldn't bring myself to enjoy writing about my many book boyfriends, but I think after a long over due hiatus from this particular meme I can fully enjoy all the swoon worthy boys out there! This week due to my obsession with "Delirium" by Lauren Oliver & the upcoming release of the sequel "Pandemonium" next week I've decided to choose for this weeks Book Boyfriend:
Alex Sheaths/Warren. 

Alex Sheaths/Warren: Sweet, romantic, rebel, and forbidden - all words that can be used to describe Alex from Lauren Oliver's Delirium. First introduced to us in Delirium as a day time guard to an abandon medical facility, you can quickly tell he is hiding something but also he is flirtatious, sweet & humorous. As we get to know him more through the book we see why he is so private and guarded, he is an invalid, one that has not been "cured" from the disease of "Love" - which makes him even more attractive, he is forbidden, a rebel - makes him mysterious, and yet still highly vulnerable to Lena as well (girls like a bit of vulnerability in our guys, hehe). With autumn coloured hair, carmel sun kissed skin, deep amber eyes, and a crooked smile, how could you not swoon over Alex; not convinced? His personality doesn't fall short either - sweet, a good listener, confident with his feelings & beliefs, and passionate, complete this swoon worthy boy. One trait that truly sealed the deal for me with Alex, was how throughout the entire book you could tell how much he cared for Lena - he would protect her from anything yet open her eyes to an entirely new world she was so afraid of. His vulnerability showed clearly when he told Lena who he really was, and yet still pursued her for her affection - they had wonderful chemistry, and he acted like someone falling in love. Cute and sensitive, like when you're first meeting someone, but protective and passionate like they've known each other for years. Alex is the perfect combination of passionate & sexy rebel, but also sweet & vulnerable love struck teen. 


  • Tall, muscular build (perfect for hopping fences, hehe)
  • Golden brown - autumn coloured hair
  • Striking amber coloured eyes
  • 3 triangular scars just behind his ear (gives the illusion he has been cured)
  • Crooked smile
  • Fantastic kisser
  • 19 years old
  • Fast swimmer; athletic
  • Humorous, & witty 
  • Sweet, & gentle, yet passionate
  • Good listener
  • Resourceful & Protective
  • Vulnerable
  • An Invalid
NOTE: The actor I have chosen for my version of Alex Sheaths/Warrens is none other than Liam Hemsworth. Now I know he is already playing a lead role in "The Hunger Games" this March, although the overall look of him, and acting skills makes him a perfect candidate for an Alex in my books - so ENJOY!


Alex: “Everyone is asleep. They've all been asleep for years. You seemed ... awake.' Alex is whispering now. He closes his eyes, opens them again.'I'm tired of sleeping.” 
Delirium, Lauren Oliver

Lena: “I know the rules. I've been living here longer than you have." 
He cracks a smile then. He nudges me back. "Hardly." 
"Born and raised. You're a transplant." I nudge him again, a little harder, and he laughs and tries to catch hold of my arm. I squirm away, giggling, and he stretches out to tickle my stomach. "Country bumpkin!" I squeal, as he grabs out and wrestles me back onto the blanket, laughing. 
"City slicker," he says, rolling over on top of me, and then kisses me. Everything dissolves: heat, explosions of color, floating.
Delirium, Lauren Oliver

Alex: “Are you sure that being like everybody else will make you happy?" 
Lena: "I don't know any other way." 
Alex: "Let me show you." 
And then we're kissing...
Delirium, Lauren Oliver

Alex: “And I love you too.” His fingers skate the edge of my jaw, dance briefly over my lips. “You should know that. You have to know that.” 
Delirium, Lauren Oliver

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  1. I've heard awesome things about that book and Alex looks and sounds lovely! I'll have to pick up this book soon!

  2. Jackie!!! We've missed you too! Thanks for letting me know to re-follow. I'm definitely gonna do that.

    Okay, I'm so in love with Liam, its not even funny. I love the way the hoodie makes his eyes look in that last picture. Yes, he'd be choice to play Alex. :)

  3. YES YES YES TEAM ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL After read Pandemonium I wanted to feature Alex! He needs love! Alex & Lena's story is one of the most beautiful love stories!

  4. I've to read Delirium! Great quotes. :) Can't wait to see him in Hunger Games.

  5. I just got around to reading Delirium last month, so I'm anxiously awaiting Pandemonium. You picked a great Alex! Can't wait to find out what happens to him since Delirium ended on such a cliff hanger.

  6. This Aussi boy is giving my ovaries a serious workout :D I haven't read the book yet but I am diggin Alex here. Very swoonworthy.

    I changed my blog url recently too, it was so much work, UGH!
    New follower :)