Wednesday, February 1, 2012


As you have probably noticed a change to my blog name and URL has been made. There was hiccup with the actual publishing company "Harlequin" and the legal ramifications of my blog being similar to that of the publishing company name. They were concerned the consumers would get confused and think that my blog was affiliated with them, which I was not and am not. Therefore I have changed the name and URL from: the Hardcover Harlequin to the Hardcover Obsession. Not to worry all my fellow followers and readers it will still be the same postings, reviews and individual running the blog - I am not going anywhere. It was just the Name & URL that changed, and of course my Twitter and Facebook contacts (that have been properly changed).

I am so sorry if any of you feel you need to unfollow me, and I understand why. Please feel free to comment bellow if you would like :) But not too worry everything is going to be the same as I said. 

I would also love to take this time to thank each and everyone of you who follow and comment on the reviews and postings. I adore each and everyone of you for all your comments and nice words you always leave on the postings. I hope you will all continue to follow the blog and enjoy some upcoming tours, and interviews I have planned! It is going to be a great year with great reviews, books, authors and events!

The "new" button as well, which can be found at the side like before:


  1. It sucks that you had to change your name... But change can be a good thing! Only good things ahead for you! Heart ya <3

    Chapter by Chapter

    1. Thanks MaryAnn I hope so! :) I do enjoy change but not something that is forced upon me, buuuutt thats ok! I think it has gotten a warm welcome with the change and all :) Thanks for commenting - you're so sweet!

  2. Well I didn't make the connection between your blog and the Harlequin compagny....Anyway, your blog still Rocks! And I,m pretty sure all your followers will still follow you :P Nice background and button BTW :P


    1. LOL! Thanks I was waiting for SOMEONE to say that :P I was worried that people were actually associating me with the publishing company. Thank you so much again for the kind words! I was worried I was going to have to scratch and I would have definitely started to cry - I worked so hard on the background and everything and the button was made Celise Winters - she is SO fabulous and redid it for me yesterday :) but anyway thanks so much for your support! :) YOU ROCK! hehe.