Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dusty Reads (2)

Dusty Reads is a weekly post featuring a book that has been sitting unread on your bookshelves for some time! Hosted by the wonderful Giselle @ .Xpresso Reads. takes place Tuesday to Tuesday of each week. To participate, add your name to the linky below her posts and try to visit a few of the others.
Note: Books don't have to be 'x' years old. If you've had the book for a few months without reading it, it's dusty! ;)

Obviously it is not Tuesday but seeing as it is Saturday and I feel like posting, my Dusty Reads will be posted on Saturdays. This week I got around to cleaning out my bookshelves and re-organise it all and I found SO many reads that I haven't read and have been on my bookshelf forever - I feel like a horrible bookie! So this weeks choice is an oldie but still worth a definite read!

This Weeks Dusty Read:

The Nine Lives of Chloe King (Omnibus) by Liz Braswell
Published: June 7th, 2011
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Chloe King is a normal girl. She goes to class (most of the time), fights with her mom, and crushes on a boy…or two. But around her sixteenth birthday, Chloe finds that perhaps she isn’t so normal after all. There’s the heightened night vision, the super fast reflexes – oh, and the claws.
As she discovers who she is – and where she comes from – it is clear she is not alone. And someone is trying to get her.
Chloe has nine lives. But will nine be enough?

Thoughts: So like most people who over the summer discovered that the Nine Lives of Chloe King had been turned into a TV show by ABC television, I ran to the nearest Chapters and picked up the entire collection of the series. I have yet to dive into this giant 700 page book due to two main reasons. One being around the time I had bought this book, I had also picked up Divergent and the Hunger Games which then took up most of my spare time reading for an entire week, and then I forgot about this monstrosity. And secondly, I enjoyed the TV series so much I did not want to ruin anything for myself so I held off reading the series until the TV series had reached it climatic season finale! With all that in mind we are well into December, and yet I have just re-established my excitement to pick this up in the near future. Although some bloggers I've read do not necessarily like this collection, I am sure I will find it up to some of my expectations. 


  1. Oh man! That sounds pretty awesome! I might have to look this one up!

    I don't do Dusty Reads but I do take part in TBR Intervention. Here is my TBR for the week.

  2. Oh I so want to read this book! I hadn't heard of the series until I started watching the show-which I loved and am still pretty ticked off they cancelled!-can't wait to pick up my own copy to read! :)