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Blogger Spotlight: MaryAnn @ Chapter by Chapter

Over the Christmas Holidays a bunch of bloggers including myself decided to participate in a book exchange hosted by Gwenny @ Scribbles~N~Rants. We also had the option of participating in a blogger exchange as well, where we "interview" the blogger and get to know one another better, then write a post about your book exchange blogger! My blogger is the wonderful author of Chapter-by-Chapter, MaryAnn. Her blog is a little different than most because she write it with her daughter, Gabrielle, who both adore books!

We decided to do a couple questions about Christmas seeing as it is a Christmas Book Exchange and the general "Why you started your Blog?" & "Why you choose that specific book on your Wishlist?" But first a little bio about MaryAnn so everyone can get to know her a little bit better! (Seriously - she is AWESOME!)

MaryAnn from Chapter-by-Chapter:

"I've always been an avid reader. Even in my younger school days, I would sneak any opportunity to read a chapter under my desk, even though I got caught every time, and spent the remainder of the class with my head on my desk. Even now, replace the school desk with a work desk, and I still do what I (minus the head on the desk for getting in trouble and more like taking a cat nap from staying up late the night before reading)."

"I'm known by my friends as the "walking bookstore". I'm used to being asked if I've read a certain book and if I would recommend it to them. They also ask for books I would recommend to them. I've never introduced them to a book they've hated, but I have introduced them to worlds in books they adore... which was my reason for starting this blog. I wanted to share my love/hate relationship with books with as many people as I can, outside my circle."

Why did you choose "Paranormalcy" by 
Kiersten White?
"I have been dying, DYING to read this book since it first came out.  I would constantly stalk it in the book store every week, without fail.  I don't know why just never broke down and picked it up, but FINALLY it has found its way into my home!  I cannot wait to finally enter the world of Paranormalcy and satiate this need I have for it!!"

Random Christmas Facts about MaryAnn:

1. Favourite Song? - O Holy Night
2. Favourite Treat? - Shortbread cookies!!!
3. Favourite Christmas Movie? - The Grinch with Jim Carey
4. Favourite Christmas Novel? - Olive the Other Reindeer (not really a novel, but love reading it to my girls)
5. Presents vs Gift Bags? - Present definitely!  I love all the different types of wrapping paper

Why did you start your blog, Chapter-by-Chapter?

I can think of three (3) reasons why I decided to start my blog Chapter by Chapter of the top of my head:

  1. I'm known by my friends as a walking library.  They are always asking me for book recommendations and/or opinions on books that they are interested in reading.  It got to the point where I was repeating myself on a daily basis, and so decided, why not start a blog!  A much easier way to let everyone know what I'm reading, what I would recommend, my thoughts on books I've read and that they are interested in reading it, etc.  I really wish I had started my blog awhile ago!  The people I have meet have been so fantastic.  There really is no other community like the book blogging community.  Everyone is so friendly, and willing to answer any questions, or help out with any requests.  Alot are willing to go above and beyond what is needed.  I heart them all!
  2. Another reason I decided to start this blog was that it was a way for me and my daughter to bond.  Bonding through reading...what could be better.  It truely has brought me and Gabby closer together in that we are able to sit and discuss books that we both love...and fight over book boyfriends :P
  3. And finally, the third reason why Chapter by Chapter came to be!  I've noticed that my memory has slowly been getting worse over the past year or so, and I didn't want to forget any of the fantastic books I've read over the years.  Rather than annoy Gabby with constant questions of "What happened in this book again?" or "What was the relevance of this part in the book?" and "Do you remember if I said that I liked this character?", I'd have it all in one location so that I could go back and re-live the reasons why I fell in love with the books that I chose to review!
How on earth could you not just love her! She is such a fantastic blogger, and over the emails we've exchanged over December I have come to adore her style and flare she puts into her reviews, and posts, and I have also dubbed her my "Blogger Mom" (hehe, I hope you don't mind Gabby! lol). Remember to go and check out her amazing blog, Chapter-by-Chapter (I think I've linked it like (5) times in this post, so honestly you cannot miss it! lol) & also check out Gwennys blog as well, Scribbles~N~Rants, because she is just fabulous for hosting such a great Book Exchange! I cannot wait till next year!!

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