Thursday, December 29, 2011

MundieMoms Presents: Live Chat with Cassandra Clare

Last night, December 28th 2011, the bloggers of Mundie Moms hosted a live chat with the author of the best selling series The Infernal Devices and The Mortal Instruments, Cassandra Clare! The ladies were nice enough to publish the transcript from the entire chat, and post the questions and answer that Cassandra Clare ended up answering. Now do be warned that this was a type of “spoilery” chat about Clockwork Prince, but also questions were asked about specific characters such as Will, Jace, Jessie, Magnus and Tessa! Also because it was done over twitter, there are a lot of short forms used throughout the discussions, IE: “CP” is Clockwork Prince and “CoLS” is City of Lost Souls, also “TID” is The Infernal Devices, and “TMI” is The Mortal Instruments, referring to the series’ as a whole.

Cassandra also touches on some of her writing techniques, some of her most favorite scenes to write and some of the most heartbreaking as well! Below I have chosen a few little teasers to get you guys interested to go and read the actual question and answer portion of the chat! It was such a well-done chat, and Mundie Moms should be so proud that they had over 1000 people participating!! I will link the transcript from Mundie Moms and their blog so you can head over and see what they are all about!

Question #1: What was your favorite scene to write?
CassandraClare: The whole ballroom chapter I really liked ... the balcony scene and also when Will's chasing the demon around.

Question #2: Why would Tessa agree to marry Jem if she is in love with Will? 
CassandraClare: Well, that's complicated! But... 1) She loves Jem. 2) She has no reason to think when she accepts Jem's proposal that Will is, or ever will be, a viable romantic option.

Question #3: What did Will do to repay Magnus for finding the demon that cursed him?
CassandraClare: That was the scene where Magnus kissed him! That was the payback. That's why Magnus says 'he did me a favor he doesn't remember.

Question #4: Who is the lesbian couple you mentioned on TUmblr?
CassandraClare: Well, Aline is gay, as we king of know already, so in COLS she has a girlfriend and they’re part of the story.

Question #5: Because I'm sure everyone is wondering, Demon Pox: How is it exactly that Jace came across this, and was able to describe all its effects? Was it through some naughty book he shouldn't have been reading? Why is it that no one believes it actually exists? Is it such a taboo, intercourse with demons that people pretend it does not exist?
CassandraClare: Well, Will is depicted as a constant, voracious reader, who reads everything, good stuff, bad stuff, and trash. So my assumption is that he read about demon pox.

Question #6: Will we see Tessa in any future TMI books?
CassandraClare: … Go and see her answer @ MundieMoms!

There were so many other questions but I don’t want to ruin the entire interview for you guys! So go and check out this amazing blog and chat!! :) There will definitely be another Live Chat closer to the date of release for City of Lost Souls for all you Cassandra Clare fans out there! So be on the look out!


  1. What a lovely post! Thank you so much for taking the time to share part of last night's chat with your followers. The chats with Cassie are always a blast. We'll definitely be chatting with her after COLS and Clockwork Princess release. I'm looking forward to seeing you on our future chats with Cassie. :)

  2. What a lovely comment! Thank you Katie! Last nights chat was awesome I wasn't part of it but I loved reading all about it :) Cassandra Clare is such a lovely author and she really takes the time to answer the questions as best as she can without giving too much away. I can't wait to be part of your COLS chat once it happens :)