Saturday, November 19, 2011

Breaking Dawn: Off Screen Styles!

People's has done an amazing spread of Breaking Dawn Part 1 pieces; everything from the review of the movie release last night to twilight inspired must have tattoos! The one thing I found exceptionally well done for a twilight fan like myself was the style spread they did of some of the stars of the Twilight Saga.
We see all the stars onscreen and on red carpet's but when do we every really get to see their true style unless it is a blurry photo from a tabloid stating they've gain 10 pounds or are checking into what looks to be a shady hotel (- breaking news I know!) So I thought I'd take a page (or two) out of the book and show all you twilight fans out there some of the styles our beloved Twilight actors are sporting! The link below will bring you to the People's Magazine website where you can check out more on their styles, and other Twilight news related articles. 
Robert Pattinson (RPatz): 
Sporting his known style of jeans, witty t-shirts, and of course a hat! I don't think I have ever seen an off screen photo of him where we wasn't wearing a hat, except perhaps at award ceremonies. I must admit it is a good look for him. Very casual, yet alluring and attractive. 

Ashely Greene:
Ashley Greene has always amazed me by looking so well put together, and nothing like her character in the Twilight Saga, Alice Cullen. She is a beautiful actress off screen always sporting some sort of dress may it be red carpet material or not. I absolutely love her last photo sporting heels, black skinnies, and a black coat with a dash of colour in the scarf, and purse. She has always been seen as a fun and feminine style icon adding eclectic accessories where need be.

Kristen Stewart:
Casual, sensual and comfy - are three words I would definitely describe Kristen Stewarts off screen wardrobe as. She can always been seen sporting a pair of converse running shoes may it be with a red carpet dress, or just walking down the street. I would say my own personal style is closest to Kristen just because it is such a comfy almost summery look. Very NOT Bella Swan, but still has a hint of uniqueness! 

Taylor Lautner:
What could we say about Mr. Taylor Lautner - honestly whenever I see him he is usually wearing a well fitted suit of some sort! And the above photo does him justice. He looks absolutely gorgeous when he wears suits, may it be tuxedo material or not! Although I would have loved to see him sporting some jeans, and a t-shirt of some sort for a more relaxed look but this will do!
Other actors were added to the online Peoples Magazine website so I suggest you go and check out some of the other styles. The four above I thought would do nicely for this post just because it truly sheds a great deal of light on the actors different styles! We have relaxed, comfy, and refined t-shirt orientated styles like those of RPatz and Kristen Stewart but for Ashely Greene and Taylor Lautner they can always been seen in fun, yet mature clothing may it be red carpet glamour or not. 
What do you all think? Do you like their off screen looks more than their on screen styles?

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