Sunday, November 13, 2011 Facebook Meets

Hey there all my loyal fans and followers, (YAY! We're up to 70!) I just thought I would do a little post informing some, if not all of you, that there is an exciting new website starting up in the book publishing world. If you are fans of authors like: Richelle Mead, Andrea Cremer, Jay Asher, Sarah Dessen, or Charlaine Harris, then this new website is definitely for you!

RazOrbill has crossed the boarder and come to Canada! This new and exciting website is just starting out in the blogging, and book world but the company is not new at all! A section of the publishers, Penguin Canada/USA - RazOrbill, is driven towards the Young Adult audience. It has forums, groups, and discussion all driven towards the books, authors and content affiliated with Young Adult Readers. Not only does it star authors and books from RazOrbill, but also can and will touch on book and author trends from such publishers as HarperTeen, HarlequinTeen and Simon & Schuster Canada.

Discussions, groups, and forums are driven by bloggers like myself and you, discussing topics like: Dystopian novels, authors, and characters; Vampire Academy and Bloodlines by Richelle Mead; All About Austen (Jane Austen); and even Fictional Characters we can't help but Fall For! It is still a new website but with help from bloggers and book lovers a like, I am sure we can really spread the word and make it a fast growing community!

The website has a ton of personality due to the way you can create your own personal profile page! It has sections to start your own discussions and groups; to blog about books you've received, reviewed and love; but also a way to connect with young adult enthusiasts like yourself! In a sense it has status updates like Facebook and Twitter (limiting you to only 140 characters per updated) but also adding in the touch of a personal blog, where you can add photo's, video's and posts!

If this sounds like a website you'd like to join the URL below brings you directly too it. You can sign in by becoming a member allowing you to access all discussions, posts, video's and news uploaded daily by every member! It truly is a website driven by its members and participants. You can become a full member blogging and posting everyday (like myself) or a casual member checking in once or twice a week - it is up to you!

                                        URL: RazOrbill

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