Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1: the Beginning to the End of an Epic Saga

It was time my loyal Twilighters. It was time I dragged myself to the movie theater and witness an epic era come to an end. I have been with the Twilight Saga and franchise since the first novel Twilight was published late fall in 2005.  And when they announced that the series that took the bookshelves by storm was being turned into a motion picture, I was a little more than worried. I absolutely adored the characters I had come to create and cherish in my young teenage mind and to see them in a movie, perhaps not how I had pictured them would ruin the entire series for me. Yet I was pleasantly surprised when the movies did not totally ruin the series for me; it perhaps heightened my excitement and love for the world of Forks, and Twilight that Stephanie Meyer had developed. And now I am faced with the crushing truth that once again I have to live through the ending of an epic saga now on the big screen. I am not entirely sure my literary soul can handle the ending of Twilight again, although tonight I faced that fear and went to see Part 1 of Breaking Dawn.

I must admit that when I first walked through the theater doors I was dreading being faced with two hours of mind numbing teenage censorship - AGAIN! Yes I am well aware that the series is a Young Adult genre, but the last book was very suggestive and bit more mature than all the rest and I was hoping - no praying, that the director would in fact take a more adult look for this movie. And BOY! did they deliver! I was nothing like I had expected. I was blown away at how very mature yet still young adult they had been with the entire two hour movie.

Right when the previews had ended and they reminded us to turn off our cellphones, the movie jumped right to it, introducing the title through a red clouded sky. I must admit when I first saw that title flash across the screen my heart speed up just a little, I was far more excited than I should have been for the ripe old age of 22. At first the movie is very mello - the wedding, the honeymoon; touching moments with both Bella's mother and father throughout the wedding, and of course Jacob's touching yet arrogant discussion with Bella during her wedding. The director, Bill Condon, had stuck true to the book as much as he could, and I had appreciated the movie more because of that. The Honeymoon, knowing that most girls who had read the series prior to the movies were anticipating these scenes more than most of the movie was very tasteful, and sweet in my opinion. It did not linger on the suggested sex scenes, although still included them with taste and maturity. I adored the scenes that included Bella and Edward sitting in the sun playing chess at times, suggesting an on going mental war between the two after Edward had noticed the bruises on Bella after their first sexual encounter. The landscape also was magnificent - I absolutely fell in love with the island - the light blue sea, soft sand, and luscious green forest. It was a perfect introduction to the more dark and intense scenes that would soon follow.

Now there are three main things I would like to discuss throughout the review that I must bring everyone's attention too because, I think for me at least, made the entire experience well worth it.

1. Transitional Scenes: For all the Twilight fans out there who read the books and knew what was coming I think this was the most important thing. In the book we all know it is divided between Bella and Jacob's point of views. Now I don't know about anyone else but I really liked the uniqueness of the split and I was hoping for the same within the movie - they totally delivered! The transitional scenes between Bella and Jacob's thoughts and emotions are absolutely perfect. They changed scenes at the perfect moments in the story, almost better than the book did. It definitely helped with progressing the storyline as fast and as far into the book as they did. Also, the transitional scenes allowed for a fantastic scene between Jacob and the pack in wolf form. I thought this was such an awesome scene, and a very demanding scene of Jacob. We see a more alpha, intense version of Jacob; he steps up to his heritage, to faces his fear of Sam, and he chooses the life he wants. It was very well done, and I probably will be raving about it for the next couple days. 

2. Imprinting Scene:
 When Jacob imprinted on Renesmee in the book I was a little freaked out at first, and I did not understand nor care for it. Although when it happened in the movie it changed my opinion. The creativeness of how they decided to do it, and how they re-quoted when Jacob was explaining it to Bella in New Moon was absolutely perfect. I won't break the cinematic magic for anyone who hasn't seen the movie yet, but it is very intense, even romantic moment when Jacob looks into Renesmee's eyes and see's his entire life. He is literally brought to his knees infront of this precious baby girl. I am lost for words what it was like seeing it, I just thought it was beautifully done.

3. Transformation of Bella: Now this may be a spoiler for some, but yes we do get to see a glimpse of Bella being transformed into a Vampire. Now I must warn some people that the scenes leading up to this are VERY graphic and mature. I was not expecting it to be so graphic and I am still trying to get a grip on it. I am not complaining at all, but for those who were or are expecting movies like the first or second, it is nothing like that. That being said, the scenes that are part of Bella's transformation are also very graphic but creatively done. It is done very scientifically, going through her inner body seeing the venom spread over her broken body, bones and blood even, changing her into a magnificent creature. It is very powerful, and definitely a tear jerker, because Edward thinks she has died and tries so hard to save her (which in we all know he did). A lot of commotion is going on during these scenes due an attack on the Cullen resident, but it reminded me of a tragic, yet beautiful dance between life and death. I loved it.

Overall my general opinion is that this is the best movie out of all three so far. I think this one truly showed the maturity, and intensity the books had portrayed. Condon had stopped the movie at a very dramatic part, but still making it such a teaser that we have to come back for more immediately next year. I am definitely suggesting anyone who has followed the series this long, no matter if you have loved or hated it, should go and see Part 1. It is romantic, intense, and heartbreakingly beautiful. This is definitely the perfect beginning to such an epic saga. 

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